We  are a small independent Label based in Spain and Venezuela 
Dedicated to Black/war/Thrash and Death  Metal and perhaps in the future 
To other interesting genres, but always within the most darker and brutal underground.
Our purpose is to continue spreading the disease 
Supporting true underground Bands, totally out of the Mainstream circuits.

Editing material in classical formats as Shirts, cds, Patches, Buttons etc and 
Looking for some originality in other editions without being limited to the most commonly used, 
Making totally exclusive releases, always in limited quantities.

All Bands who are interested in working with us or seek possible cooperation 
Only need to contact through appropriate channels into this web.

Click Here;

1-Sending download links to check and all possible information about the Band

2-Sending physical material requesting the contact address.
We also have an online store 
where we offer all editions of our label and other collected by trade.

Click Here;

If you need to know more about our releases just research the web.

Welcome to our website
walk with the Dead..










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